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Committees in Action: Nature Club

Nature Club is formed by about seven members. Their objective is to help the Garraham Hospital and cooperating with the planet.
Their first project was making big plastic bottles for the children of other forms to collect bottle tops. Another fun project was making tissue paper holders with plastic bottles by cutting the top off and colouring them with dry pens. They gave each class one holder. But not any ordinary class, they even gave one to the Learning Studio, IT, Nora’s office, and there is even one in Miss Caroline’s office. They add a perfect touch to the classes with their lively colours.

Committees in Action: Sports Centre

Sports Centre
Sport Center is a committee formed by 14 pupils. They meet every Friday in the 6C classroom. Their objective is to organise a football tournament for students of Y1, Y2 and Y3. They went to classes to see who wanted to participate and who didn't want to. Nowadays there are 150 players in the tournament (girls and boys). To prepare the tournament each member gave an idea and voted to see if they were going to put it into practice or not. They were in charge of organising the teams and the schedule. The matches take place at breaktime and the members take turns, acting as coaches and referees. Go and watch them in action during break!

Committees in Action: Jugando con los niños

Would you like to know what the other Committees are doing?
We visited the other Committees to find out what their plans were. Displaying IMG_2441.JPGDisplaying IMG_2441.JPG

In “Jugando con los chicos”, the members are preparing are rehearsing two plays for Y 1, Y 2 and Y 3 students.  One of the plays is called “Caperucita en Manhattan”. It’s like Caperucita Roja but in modern times. The setting is New York. In this play, Caperucita is called Skyler.  Caperucita has to take an iphone 6s plus to her grandmother.
The characters of the play are Siri, Skyler, Skyler's Mum, a policeman, Skyler’s Grandmother and two  narrators.

The other play is called  “El sueño de la princesa”. It is also for Y 1, Y2 and Y3 students. It’s about a princess that dreams a fantasy and adventure dream but when she wakes up, it becomes real! The characters are a princess, a queen, two fairies, a witch and a dwarf.
You can't miss these two exciting plays!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Australian Students visit Y2

St Andrew’s had some visitors from Australia who came  for an exchange with Y11 students.

On Wednesday, April 13th, three students from Jean Paul College, from Brisbane, visited us. They made a short presentation showing the Y2 kids interesting facts about their country. They taught them the most dangerous animals: Blue ringed octopus, Box Jellyfish, Sharks, Eastern Brown Snake and the Saltwater Crocodile.  They also showed them the typical food of Australia  like: Vegemites, Meat pies, Tim Tams and Lamingtons.  Moreover they presented them, the most popular places in Australia:  The Opera House in Sydney, The Harbour Bridge, and the Great Barrier Reef.

They cooked with Y2 students a snack or dessert called Lamingtons. This snack is very popular in Australia and it is a piece of sponge cake dipped in chocolate sprinkled with some coconut.

Sass Times members interviewed these three Australian girls asking them some questions about what they thought about our country.
They thought that most of our food was the same like: Barbecue sauce. They loved “milanesas”.

We think that this exchange was a great idea and it was a very rich experience. Y2 students learnt a lot of facts that they didn't know about Australia, as they are reading Letters to Felix by Annette Langen, Constanza Droop where students learn about different places around the world.

Watch the Australian students interacting with Y2.

A Visit from Australia.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The So Waited First Interhouse!

El interhouse de fútbol, el primero del año, se llevó a cabo el sábado 12 de marzo en el Campus del colegio.
Este InterHouse fue muy importante ya que Fleming y Brown cortaron la racha ganadora de Monteith que llevaba ya 6 años. Aparte de esto, los alumnos de 6to que están en Fleming, volvieron a ganar la final contra Dodds por 2da vez consecutiva.

Como sucedió el año pasado, algunos de los ganadores dieron la vuelta olímpica.

Los resultados finales del interhouse fueron:

4to : Dodds
1ros: Brown & Fleming

Fleming no solo empató con Brown por el título general, sino que también empató con Dodds por el título masculino.

Los alumnos de 6to grado estaban tan entusiasmados porque era su primer interhouse que  decoraron el Campus más que otros años, con banderas, pinta pelos, serpentina y maquillaje de los distintos colores de cada house.

Friday, November 20, 2015

An Exciting Camping for Y4!

In the month of October, an exciting camping took place.  Y4 spent three days in Villa Gesell and carried out some fun activities.

They left school early in the morning and traveled by bus with their equipment. The trip took 6 hours. When they arrived at the camping site, they explored the environment and met their tutors who talked to Y4 about the rules and instructions they had to follow during their stay. 
Once this was over, the children split in their groups and put up the tents.

 At night they went to a big hut to have dinner that was cooked by a chef. After every meal, every boy or girl had to wash their own dishes. Next, all Y4 reunited in the hut and went to play night games that were very amusing. When they went into the tents to sleep, a group had to evacuate due to a red ants invasion.
What a fright!

 On the second day, all Y4 went to an exciting expedition to the beach. There, they played fun beach games, including sand-boarding. During the night of the same day, they had a surprise party prepared by their tutors with games and music. This trip was an excellent opportunity for Y4 students to strengthen their friendship bonds and make new friends. In conclusion, this was a wonderful experience.